IO Vision

The International Office (IO) at The Millennium Universal College is working under the Directorate of International Qualifications and Partnerships Directorate that manages all Transnational Higher Education partnerships around the world for TMUC. The International office looks after our international engagement and strategy for Internationalization. Our vision to become the largest TNE provider is looked after by the International Office.

The main purpose of the International office is to provide suitable opportunities for all departments at TMUC which can be; academic partnerships, collaborations, and progressions. The department also maintains relationships with international partner organizations, university colleges, and other international institutions based on mutual interests.

IO Values

Accuracy and consistency

We follow processes and provide counseling services consistently, thoroughly, and accurately.

Diversity and inclusion

We respect cultural differences and the multiple dimensions of our populations’ identities and cultivate an inclusive environment.


We provide a clear, unified, and accurate message to our constituents.


We provide development opportunities to create excellence, increase competence, and establish each team member as a valued asset.


We establish ties among the International community in pursuit of mutual goals based on Transnational Higher Education.


We believe in individual responsibility and organizational accountability to achieve expected results and outcomes.


We provide the highest quality of service to equip our constituents for overall success for every student/staff and for community. .

Ethical practices

We fairly and impartially apply all university policies and regulations.

Role of IO

The International Office strives to enrich the academic and cultural experience of students, visitors, employees, and families though international higher education opportunities; and.

  • To bring the internationalization at home.
  • Provide students the progression opportunities for further higher education anywhere in the world.
  • Attract international universal & colleges through contracts, agreements and memorandums of understanding with universities and higher education institutes all over the world.
  • To plan and organize international universities Education Expo to provide an opportunity to all prospect students to study the international degree programmes at TMUC and abroad.
  • To liaise with relevant government/local agencies/authorities for further collaborative provisions.
  • To provide consistent support during a Partnership Validation processes and research with international partner universities; which usually require lots of paperwork and collaboration.
  • To manage the international students social programme which includes initiating, planning, organizing and accompanying students (where appropriate) on day trips, weekend visits and social activities.
  • To record income and expenditure from the educational visits budget; and to get the feedback from students to ensure a positive experience at international universities.
  • Plan services for faculty members to participate in international congresses, trainings, conferences, and seminars.
  • Developing strategic alliances and managing institutional partnerships and collaborations including our memberships worldwide.

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