Prepared to be a Business Visionary? We offer business and startup incubation benefits that incorporate completely outfitted office space, utilities, web and access to a great deal of different TMUC assets. Get guidance and build associations with veteran businesspersons, financial specialists, investors, donors and entrepreneurs. Take advantage from the influence of TMUC brand to develop your new business!!!

Want to grow your already existing business? You have come to the right place! TMUC BIC not only provides incubation services to new startups but also helps in expanding small sized enterprises.

The Millennium Universal College Business Incubation center provides a healthy and strong collaboration between TMUC students and the industry and finds solutions to technological problems locally. TMUC BIC aims to benefit its faculty and students by usefully utilizing their full intellectual potential and channeling new global technologies and practices into Pakistan.

TMUC BIC is all about working together to discover new ideas and to provide local and international employment opportunities for its students. Incubation center at TMUC aims to provide business inclusive environment with extensive services and facilities to young entrepreneurs which lead them to establish successful business.

The Millennium Universal College Business Incubation Center gets its quality and strength from business support aids and services offered to the new entrepreneurs in large number of orders.