A symposium on RULE OF LAW IN SOCIETY; QUEST FOR EQUITY AND INCLUSION” was conducted at The Millennium Universal Colleges on Thursday, 18th of August. The event was attended by eminent personalities from the Government, the legal fraternity and academia. The discourse was held to mark the visit of Vice Chancellor & Chief Executive of the University of Hertfordshire Professor Quintin McKellar CBE. Alongside the Honourable Vice Chancellor was the CEO of TMUC, Mr. Jamal Aziz, Executive Director RSIL, a leading research center of Law; Senator Walid Iqbal; and Maj. General Irfan Arshad, Dept. of Laws.

TMUC is Pakistan’s largest transnational education provider operating purpose-built University College Campuses across major urban cities, offering international University of London and University of Hertfordshire Law LLB Hons undergraduate degrees and highly reputed degrees and skills qualifications. Recognized by HEC, TMUC is recognized as the leading University College for borderless education, committed to providing opportunities that exceed local stream of education, choices and access for the youth of Pakistan.

United Kingdom’s Leading public sector University of Hertfordshire UH is a historic University that prides itself on being ‘business and Law facing’ with an inventive approach to teaching a wide variety of work placements and overseas study that appeal to employers. University of Hertfordshire is one of the largest UK universities, where nearly 3000 students study each year as overseas international students from Pakistan. It is ranked among the top 50 ‘best UK universities chosen by major employers’ for producing ready-to-work graduates in Times Higher Education (2015). The Vice Chancellor & Chief Executive of the University of Hertfordshire Professor Quintin McKellar CBE is visiting Pakistan on our invitation to help bridge UK-Pakistan higher education gateway, to enable university education with affordability at home country in Pakistan.

The Millennium Universal College in collaboration with University of Hertfordshire School of Law, Centre of Law and Security and TMUC School of Law organized the International law symposium on the theme ‘Rule of Law in Society; Quest for Equity & Inclusion’. The legacy of legal Symposiums held at TMUC campuses have a reputation for insight, relevance and value among in-house budding counsels, legal practitioners, regulatory, research organizations, councils and government bodies alike. The symposiums are well known for their engaging subject matter, outstanding speakers, lively debate and, some of the best networking opportunities that can be found in the legal industry.

The debate revolved around the cyclicality of the three overarching factors that make a just and fair society; rule of law, inclusivity and equity. The panelists spoke at length about the international status quo on the status of non-discrimination laws and policies and their enforcement. The Maj. General paid particular attention to refinement of the antiquated principle of equality into what is now best understood as equity. The CEO of TMUC and the Vice-Chancellor shed light on the role of education and students in restoring Rule of Law in states where it could be seen dwindling, and also spoke about how that would help nations eradicate inequality and discrimination.

The event was attended by students and faculty of Law at TMUC. Their interest in the topic and resolve to bring the ideal notions of equity and inclusion to reality was evidenced by the salient questions they posed to the panelists towards the close of the symposium. It goes without saying that events of this nature are an absolute necessity for the Pakistani students; so that they stay abreast of international homogenization and find in themselves a drive to lead with example.