The vision of the university “To become an internationally recognized university that contributes towards the development of nation through excellence in education and research” articulates the desire to contribute in nation building. Youth is one major chunk of nation, according to their capabilities and effort they play their part in building a better nation and realizing the sense of being responsible citizen. This also brings a positive impact in the society where individuals not just commit to help but also they are professionally grooming themselves and learning the skill and knowledge which could be implemented further.

The university aims to produce young qualified professionals so that when they step out of the university they are groomed for any sort of challenges ahead .Therefore, the students need to indulge themselves in such programmes which help them to define their Jobs and interests in future .The TMUC CSP comprises of the following components:

  • Objectives
  • Implementation Methodology
  • Scope/Benefits

Following are the prescribed objectives of CSP at TMUC:

  1. To increase the exposure of our students to work for non–profit sector, which helps them in character building, make them professionally profound
  2. To develop the sense of a responsible citizen in our students
  3.  To groom student’s personality for their professional life ahead
  4.  To capitalize the opportunity of contributing in the socio-economic uplift of the country by focusing on the under privileged sections of the society.

Implementation Methodology
In order to achieve the aims and objectives of TMUC CSP following methodology has been designed. Various steps need to be taken in order to reach the prescribed objectives:

  1. Participation in the CSP program is mandatory for students from all programs
  2. Students will have to complete 40 hours of internships with social sector organizations to be able to acquire bonafide, health certificate or clearances.
  3. Preferably, the student should complete their internship programme in summer holidays, so that their regular classes are not disturbed.
  4. A transfer student is also liable to follow the same rules as a regular student.

Community support work polishes student’s skills and groom them for professional life .This will not just help the under privileged people but also motivate and provoke them to continue helping the poor people. Internship programme would help students in jobs in future not just that if they perform well in their internship tenure the organization can offer them job in their respective NGO too. On the successful completion of the CSP internship the students will get two certificates one from the respective NGO and another from TMUC .This will be a great opportunity for students to secure jobs in their social sector.