Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law

Eligibility Criteria: Normally be aged 18 or above by the 31 December in the year of registration and Online entrance test as assigned by UOL. A and O level students who do not meet the standard requirement by a slight margin. Year 12 Pakistani schooling will require 60% or above, if schooling is not taught in the medium of English then in addition they will require an acceptable proficiency test in English (such as IELTS)

Fee Structure of TMUC: 45,000/ 9Months

International Fee: The Programme Fees below refers to the 2018-2019 session only and are effective from 1 March 2018;

  • Initial registration fee £470
  • Module fee £146 per module
  • Examination fee per course £178

*Fee is subject to changes annually or semiannually*

Registration Session September/January every year

Exam Session May / October every year

Awarding Body:  University of London