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Dean Office

Dean of Academics & Director Internationalisation

There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women.”
― Muhammad Ali Jinnah

There is a reason why the founder of this nation said this, women are the most resilient and the most courageous of human beings.

We should celebrate womanhood and the challenges with which each one of the women around you must go through in every aspect of their life. The single most common denominator is that we all are born to a woman. Our mother.

We should celebrate with men, the ones that have always supported us, comforted us and provided for us. Our fathers.

Strength, stamina, sensitive, girth, wit, comfort, astute, resolute, tenacious, devoted, delicate and determined are just some adjectives describing her.

Congratulations because you were born a woman. Congratulations if you were born to a woman! Either way Celebrate being one or knowing one. 😊 Happy Women’s Day.

Dean of Academics & Director Internationalisation

I enjoy working with the youth; with 20 years of higher education experience I believe in investing in the future of the country. The Millennium Universal College houses the dream team of individuals that have felt the need to fill the vacuum of providing an opportunity for the youth of Pakistan to be part of a global classroom. Students receive access to International degrees with contextualized curricula getting the best of global academic standards. The students stay relevant in the ever-changing world of employment, entrepreneurship, and opportunity. The staff and the academic oversight at TMUC represent the best of faculty, resources. TMUC is home to two ‘recognised tutors’ by University of London (Institute of Education) in Pakistan.

We are the first TNE HE set up with a national footprint to be recognised and approved by the local regulator to be teaching foreign qualifications. My office works with International Partners, from the Business case to validation events, I lead the International Office and the Academic Quality Department. We work with top UK universities with Gold Teaching Excellence Framework. All our programmes offered through our partner institutions are of the highest Academic Quality, they are Quality Assured by QAA UK

Future is Here & the Future is Now!

TMUC Teaching and Learning went into massive change, reconciliation with its digital limitations, and was compelled to transform like all other higher education institutions to deliver the promise of uninterrupted academic delivery to its students. Because of the new normal, we had to leave behind the old ways of our traits.
From the challenges of having the staff trained on digital tools to having to adapt to seeing our learners on the other side of the screen; we had to be creative. And TMUC digitisation team and group of senior academicians understand that the once intimate, hands-on college environment is morphing into a more impersonal, automated world in which students no longer absorb a faculty-designed curriculum but instead develop a high degree of academic self-direction.
Education is an expensive undertaking. And there may be a question in the future of how relevant is higher education with what is being taught and what is needed to succeed in the real world. TMUC is planning on keeping pace with the way millennials learn. If an institution apprises itself with the students designing their own way to learn and empower students to become independent learners, most importantly if universities give students the control to design their own learning, a lot more success will be seen in the learning process.
TMUC aspires to achieve this with the learner as the center of the learning process as an active member and not a silent recipient.

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