The department is aligned with niche yet diverse selection of courses we offer. Our guidance counsellor is certified by the British Council as well as Study UK. We provide quality in house counselling to those interested in going abroad after their studies with us. This free of cost service can be availed by students from any programme and all backgrounds. From helping you choose and find your academic path to getting you ready as the perfect applicant, from the right university choices to personal statements, we have you covered. We look after you beyond your study life. The department hosts several events throughout the year to equip students with the right skills. Whether you are looking for a summer school, a transfer, a top up, a Masters or even a short course after your masters, worry not, the guidance you need is one session away!

Below are some events that we arranged for our students recently

    1. British Council, Study UK Exhibition Tour
      27 foreign universities coming together to display individual information desks for students of Roots Millennium Schools and The Millennium Universal Colleges, this event was attended by all Millennials, nationwide. Powered by British Council, both the British council and the delegation were pleasantly surprised by the-state-of-the-art building and the quality of education offered here. The enthusiasm of the event is seen in the pictures below.
    1. Counselling Master Class
      Arranged by the counsellor, this was an event on campus, inviting all students to equip themselves with the knowledge of international applications and their process. This was more than just a masterclass, it showcased that we really do take care of our students, not just academically but are also there for them if they require any psychological support. This was a confidential event and respected the students and their privacy. Below is the poster which attracted several students.
    1. Warwick University’s Personal Statement Session
      Recently, we partnered with one of the leading Russell Group Universities. Its representative came for a rich and in-depth seminar on how to right a perfect personal statement. All our serious candidates who were applying at the time were invited to this.
  1. Orientation sessions
    These sessions happen annually before the start of each degree or programme, along with a welcome from the respective departments, Department of Guidance Counselling also welcomes the students, offering support from the very beginning and explaining its role in a student’s life at TMUC.