Global experience

At TMUC, students would get a truly international experience and graduate from our institution as globally ready Millennials. Besides your regular course of study, you will have opportunities to study abroad in the world’s top institutions of learning, including London School of Economics and Cambridge University. Other global programmes include internships and study trips to organizations and multinational corporations.

International Students

TMUC welcomes students from all over the world. You meet, and study together with fellow students from Britain, Afghanistan, and Palestine and many more. We provide various kinds of support and facilities to our international students including hooking up with hostels and dorms.

Adult Learners

Our qualifications have various entry points. You might a graduate, a professional, or a mature student who did not attend a university after leaving school. Our programmes have flexible entry policies and we accept students from all walks of life.

Current Students

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 Student Affairs Officer

At  TMUC, we believe that true learning goes beyond the classroom and that’s why we strive to refine the campus life at TMUC by providing our students the opportunities that can enhance their vision and leadership skills. The Student Affairs Office (SAO) drives and creates all such opportunities for our students. Student Affairs Office has been established under Directorate of Student Affairs and External Relations (DSAER) in order to correspond with the institution’s mission and goals, and to reinforce and extend the University’s influence beyond the classroom. The SAO governs and initiates all student related activities at TMUC. It supports co-curricular activities, supervises University’s sports program, supports student clubs and societies, takes care of alumni affairs, provides career counseling, and assists students regarding scholarships, transportation, cafeteria, hostel facility and related matters.

The mission of TMUC’s Student Affairs Office is to make the experience ofstudents more comfortable and memorable and prepare them for a lifetime of success and fulfillment. We like to encourage all students to reach Student Affairs Office for any kind of assistance. Whether you want to take career guidance or like to establish a new club or society, visit our office and explore the options we have for you. You can also write to us at student.affairs@tmuc.edu.pk

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