TMUC Law Symposium on 50 Years of Constitution Laws

TMUC Lahore hosted a significant event, the “TMUC Law Symposium on 50 Years of Constitution Laws – Mapping Rule of Law and Societal Transformation.”

The symposium brought together prominent figures from the legal field, including Barrister Taimoor Malik, Barrister Ahmed Pansota, Patricia McKeller, and Dr. Faisal Mushtaq and other notable guests.

The symposium served as a platform for robust and insightful discussions surrounding the theme of the rule of law and its influence on societal evolution over the past five decades.

By convening this symposium, TMUC Lahore aimed to foster a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between legal principles, governance, and societal development. It offered a unique platform for participants to exchange ideas, gain insights from experts, and reflect on the critical role that the rule of law continues to play in our ever-changing world.