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    Government Issued ID Passport/CNIC/FRC/B-Form
  • Parent / Learner Health Declaration Form and Learner Covid-19 Pledge
    • I am/ My child is wilfully attending college and is not being forced to attend face-to-face learning activities
    • To the best of my knowledge I state that I/my child is not suffering from COVID-19. I do not/ My child does not carry any symptoms and has also not been in direct contact with anyone who was unwell or conrmed Corona patient in the past 14 days
    • I understand that the College is being disinfected regularly and takes necessary safety precautions and applies safety protocols as per government directives. In case my child contracts the virus, I will not hold the College responsible.
    • I undertake to notify the College within 24 hours if I/ my child develops COVID-19 symptoms.
    • I will ensure that I/my child follow(s) all the SOPs of COVID-19, and will abide by the Learner's Pledge.
    • I/My child will have the list of important numbers provided in the “TMUC Campus Reopening and Safety Plan” placed on TMUC Website.
    • I/My child has read the TMUC Campus Reopening Plan placed on TMUC website and understand that the document is subject to updates and periodic revision as per instructions the government/relevant authorities
    • I/My child understands that provision of falsied information will lead to strict disciplinary measures.