The Quality Assurance department at The Millennium Universal College is an independent cell that manages and monitors all aspects of higher education and transnational education. Quality Assurance Department (QAD) is a policy making and monitoring body for maintenance and enhancement of quality in higher education at TMUCs. It is involved in systematic implementation of quality enhancement procedures/criteria to attain improved levels of international compatibility and competitiveness at institutional and program level. Academic quality assurance is the way to ensure that students acquire the needed skills and talent in order to face the listed challenges of distance learning.

Our Goals

    • Policy making and development of practical guidelines of quality assurance related to the TNE HE model.
    • Developing guidelines for establishment of Quality Assurance Department and its Monitoring & Evaluation.
    • Capacity building to enhance the standard of quality assurance in higher education at national & International level.
    • Professionals from QAD will serve as master trainers to build capacity of professionals throughout TMUCs after receiving international trainings.
  • QAD will also be a monitoring and regulatory body to focus on quality and implementation of policies and programme delivery of TNE programmes in order to match stake holder expectations, to improve the standard of TNE HE across Pakistan.

Our Functions

    • Developing practical guidelines and policies for establishing Quality Assurance policies and procedures across TMUCs for integration of quality assurance in the higher education system.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation of all TMUCs.
    • The Head of Quality Assurance Department will be responsible for visiting/cause visitation for monitoring and evaluation of the activities and uniformity of pace and standards across country.
    • Capacity building of selected professional staff of Quality Assurance Department to serve as Master Trainers after receiving training in quality assurance, to increase the levels of international compatibility through skill enhancement in the respective field.
    • Hiring the services of foreign experts, having practical exposure and experience of academic quality assurance for conducting trainings/workshops/seminars for the capacity building of QAD.
  • Professional staff of Quality Assurance Department will be sent to attend the training programme in the field of quality assurance to technologically advanced countries. After receiving international trainings in quality assurance of higher education, they will serve as Master Trainers for capacity building/ training of professional staff of Quality Assurance Department in turn.The QAD, alongside undertaking many other measures for enhancing academic quality in TMUCs, also implements quality assessment mechanism of academic programs, called Self-Assessment Process. The outcome of this process is Self-Evaluation Report [SER]. The main objectives of preparing SER are:

To improve academic programmes and ensure high academic standards by providing feedback for faculty and administration to initiate action plan for improvement.

To provide students with essential skills to enter the workplace well prepared in the core competencies: problem solving abilities, experimental and data analysis techniques, team work experience, interpersonal skills, basic and advance IT skills.

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