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University of London Approved Center in Pakistan, University of London Affiliate Center in Pakistan, University of London Center in Pakistan

About University of London

TMUC is the best law college in Pakistan offering the law degree of University of London.  The University of London is a federal research university located in London, England. As of October 2019, the university contains 18 member institutions, central academic bodies, and research institutes. The university has over 52,000 distance learning external students and 161,270 campus-based internal students, making it the largest university by a number of students in the United Kingdom.

The university was established by royal charter in 1836, as a degree-awarding examination board for students holding certificates from University College London and King’s College London and “other such other Institutions, corporate or unincorporated, as shall be established for the purpose of Education, whether within the Metropolis or elsewhere within our the United Kingdom”, allowing it to be one of three institutions to claim the title of the third-oldest university in England, and moved to a federal structure in 1900. It is now incorporated by its fourth (1863) royal charter and governed by the University of London Act 2018.  It was the first university in the United Kingdom to introduce examinations for women in 1869 and, a decade later, the first to admit women to degrees. In 1948 it became the first British university to appoint a woman as its vice chancellor (chief executive). The university’s member institutions house the oldest teaching hospitals in England.

Undergraduate Degrees Offered


Credit Hours: 120
Guided Learning Hours: 400
Independent Study Hours: 800
Duration: 1 Year
Mode of Study: Full Time
Revision Week | Sessionals | Mid Term | Mock

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LLB (Hons)

Credit Hours: 360
Duration: 3-5 Years
Guided Learning Hours: 1200
Independent Study Hours: 2400
Mode of Study: Full Time
Revision Week | Sessionals | Mid Term | Mock

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Department Info

Department of Laws
Programme Head: laws@tmuc.edu.pk
Offered at: ISB | RWP | LHE | KHI
Intake: August
Registration: British Council Pakistan

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Why Choose UOL Laws?

The University of London was the first university to offer a degree in English law, in the 1890s. The high reputation of our LLB has been maintained because our students are marked to the same high standards whether they are campus-based or studying by distance and flexible learning. Upon graduation, you will join a distinguished group of lawyers, solicitors, barristers, and judges from around the world who have obtained their law degree through the University of London.

Studying through the University of London is a wonderful prospect for students from developing countries who don’t wish to leave their home country or have financial constraints to afford a full-time education in the UK.

The University of London provides excellent support to international students with essential texts, recommended articles and study materials available through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Making TMUC the best law college in Pakistan & the wide range of modules offered covers all the prerequisites of becoming a successful lawyer.

The flexibility in class hours allow to continue with work and complete studies successfully. If you are interested in achieving an internationally recognised qualification in law, on a programme that offers high standards and flexible study options, then you need look no further than the University of London Undergraduate Laws at TMUC

Mahnoor Shakeel

As I prepare to leave TMUC, the memories of my first month flash back. Leaving behind school friends and protective environment where teachers guided our every move was baffling yet the newly found freedom of being responsible for myself. Our teachers at TMUC not only bring their academic learning but years of experience in the classrooms; introducing us to the world outside. We had the opportunity to learn the bookish knowledge, attend real court cases, play mocks and present cases, question and argue, work in groups and teams and participate in seminars and conferences. There were days when we had to rush early morning to attend lectures and days when the sun rose for us in the afternoon. The administration has been supportive and Sir Sheikh Waqas was always a phone call away. Through the ups and downs, goodbyes and welcomes, stresses, snubs, parties, trips, mocks and finals, we graduated not only in law but also in patience and tolerance!

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Send your enquiry to programme head and book a telephonic appointment at your convenience.
Programme Head: laws@tmuc.edu.pk

University of Hertfordshire Affiliate center in Pakistan, University of Hertfordshire center in Pakistan, University of Hertfordshire in Pakistan

About University of Hertfordshire

The University of Hertfordshire: Powering the potential of students, staff and business

The University of Hertfordshire brings the transformational impact of higher education to all.

With its heritage in Britain’s pioneering aeronautical industry, the University has been an innovative force in education since the early 1950s. Today, it hosts a thriving community of more than 25,000 students who study 550 degree options at a vibrant, inclusive, campus-based institution. Alongside high quality teaching, the University’s strong relationships with industry and award-winning careers services ensure students gain the knowledge and skills they need to match their ambition and succeed.

Academics are experts in their field, delivering research which is having a meaningful social and environmental impact in the UK and across the globe. From safe guarding older people’s food security and public health, to using a pioneering laser facility to deliver critical insights into climate, staff drive forward cutting-edge research.

The University of Hertfordshire has been an anchor institution for the regional economy and community since its beginning. Through its all-campus incubator ethos and status as a Enterprise Zone, the University gives hundreds of local businesses the support and facilities they need to learn and grow each year.

Globally, the University partners with institutions in countries all over the world, as well as welcoming 4,000 students from over 100 countries to its campus in the UK. Home students are also encouraged to take the opportunity to experience studying abroad at one of over 170 universities worldwide.

At the University of Hertfordshire students, staff and businesses consistently reach their full potential. They continue to think bigger, stand out and positively impact local, national and international communities.

Undergraduate Degree Offered


Credit Hours: 360
Guided Learning Hours: 1200
Independent Study Hours: 2400
Duration: 3 Years
Mode of Study: Assignments | Internal Examination/Assessment

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Programme Information

The Millennium Universal College TMUC is Pakistan’s one of the largest transnational education groups operating purpose-built University College Campuses across major urban cities and offering International programmes and highly reputed degrees and skills qualifications at home as TMUC is a provider of transnational education programs. By bringing a range of international qualifications home, TMUC aspires to be recognized as the leading institution for borderless education and committed to providing opportunities that exceed the local stream of education to the youth of Pakistan. Our goal is to produce graduates who are not only equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen fields but are also able to make meaningful contributions to society.

Programme Information

TMUC offers the LLB (Hons) programme from the Hertfordshire Law School (HLS). Hertfordshire law School aims to empower students through transformational education and research and TMUC has made it possible for students across Pakistan to study a world class degree and become professionals, who are able to play their part in the law fraternity. Student success is the priority where HLS and TMUC support the progression from a learner to an employed professional

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