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We at TMUC Lahore provide innovative and borderless higher education by offering a range of international qualifications and are committed to providing opportunities that exceed local stream of education to the youth of Pakistan. My vision at TMUC is to strive towards excellence, not only in an academic direction, but also in the holistic development of our students, equipping them with all the necessary skills required for future success. It is my goal to continue the longstanding tradition of partnering with families to provide positive learning experiences that lead to student growth and prosperity.

Each day brings new opportunities, and I continually use reflection and evidence-based decision making to foster continuous improvement in my students. I also believe in infusing students with a strong sense of pride, demonstrating personal responsibility, respect, integrity, determination, confidence and enthusiasm that would last with them both during and after their academic life span.

Anab Arshad

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The Millennium Universal College, Lahore

Address: 310 Street 1, Sector F DHA Phase 6, Lahore, Punjab

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