TMUC Student Charter

This Charter represents the shared values of TMUC staff and students and the commitment to outstanding teaching standards, learning environment and student experience. The Charter explains how all students and staff can work together in partnership in an environment of equality, trust and respect. All students are encouraged to read the Charter so that they know what to expect and what is expected of them during their time at TMUC. The Charter is not a binding contract, but outlines a common set of principles that students and staff agree to for an outstanding student experience.

Students will:

  • promote and be committed to equality, diversity and inclusion at TMUC
  • use respectful and polite language and display considerate behaviour towards others
  • adopt a scholarly approach and demonstrate integrity in all aspects of their studies, adhering to TMUC Academic Integrity Policy
  • be conscientious and cooperative when using facilities, equipment and resources
  • take advantage of the opportunities the college provides to help them reach their potential, enhance their employability prospects and personal development

Staff will:

  • provide support and advice to students in areas such as careers, Fnance, health, wellbeing and accommodation
  • listen to students: being open to constructive student feedback and encouraging and supporting student participation in shaping the quality of their experience
  • treat colleagues, staff and partners of TMUC fairly and respectfully
  • ensure that classes, lectures and meetings are delivered on time and consistently, notwithstanding unforeseen circumstances
  • guide and suppor t students to develop computing & understanding, to succeed binit integrity

Students will:

  • engage in all learning opportunities to maximise their potential, including independent study and participation in lectures, seminars, tutorials, assessments, research and similar activities
  • make academic and professional work a high priority and take responsibility for evaluating their progress
  • make full use of the learning facilities and seek support and advice from available sources when necessary

Staff will:

  •  make available appropriate, accessible learning resources to all students
  • appraise academic and support services, identify appropriate solutions and develop a student engaging environment
  • provide timely, clear, accurate and accessible information, including any changes we make which effect the student experience, such as information about the cost of study, services and the curriculum

TMUC will provide:

  • support from highly qualied and professional staff
  • access to wide range of academic and non-academic resources and a range of opportunities to raise student achievement and aspirations
  • timely personalized advice and guidance on pastoral needs, health and well-being, academic skills and accommodation at the point it is required
  • disseminate accurate and consistent information about all programmes of study, assessment and feedback arrangements and regulations provided online and in print as appropriate


  • ensure that teaching and learning, attendance, assignment criteria, assessment methods, and feedback are appropriate and congruent for the award being sought
  • advice and guidance on career planning and skills for the workplace and further study
  • provide opportunities for student agency and promote student’s voice
  • the opportunity to continue to participate in our community via the alumni network after graduation

The TMUC Student Council will:

  • provide support to TMUC students in student-related matters including academic, personal and social affairs
  • work collaboratively to provide students with opportunities that enrich their experience through student-led extracurricular activities and volunteering
  • act as a bridge between the student community and the campus administration


  • champion student agency voice & advocacy with integrity & responsibility, in the best interests of the student body

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