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I enjoyed working with a wide array of professionals in the TNE realm of higher education delivery and quality assurance. The zest for empowering students at a global scale via the superior academic content, imbibing critical thinking and professionalism in presentation of learnt materials, is what I experienced the most from the very beginning.

I’m the Head of Institution, TMUC, Karachi, and it is my responsibility to ensure a nurturing and cutting edge academic environment for all of the students here in various programs. Not only is it incumbent in my work priorities to look after the scholarship and academics of each student, but to promote values consistent with the vision and mission of TMUC; building and fostering a wholesome personality, a global citizen full of dynamism and yearning to deliver their personal best, whichever domain of education they choose.

My vision for our students is to have responsible global citizenship in demeanor and action; zeal for discovery through scholarship and inculcation of acceptance, dialogue, service, dignity and care for environment.

Prof Dr. Huma Baqai

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