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The Registry Office at TMUC is looking after the student’s academic records. From the time of admissions and registrations, this office maintains student data for archiving and future academic purposes. The Student Registry Office oversees administrative matters that concern students, including issuing official letters, processing withdrawal & suspension applications, producing official transcripts & certificates, maintaining the student records database, updating student details, setting the academic calendar, managing & updating course information student appeals; and maintenance and production of the University’s academic regulations and procedures and to help with all administrative matters related to your studies.

Student Registry Office in a nutshell
Issuing official letters
Processing withdrawal & suspension applications
Producing official transcripts & certificates
Maintaining the student records database
Updating student details
Setting the academic calendar
Managing & updating course information student appeals; and maintenance and production of the University’s academic regulations and procedures to help with all administrative matters related to your studies.
Module registration
Exams related concerns
Mitigating circumstances
Internal transcripts
Liaison with universities for assurances (POC) from TMUC you receive your final degree parchment/diploma/certificate from this office after due clearance.


Application for Exit Award

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S) Regarding TMUC Exit Awards

What is an exit award?

As the name implies, exit awards are proofs of attainment of qualifications that the students get eligible for after satisfying the awarding body’s requirements for that qualification. In simpler words, exit awards refer to your original certificate/diploma/degree and or transcripts that you receive after the successful completion of your particular programme of study with TMUC.

What is an Awarding Body?

An awarding body is a Chartered University, or any other legal entity recognized by the education regulatory authority to award the final qualifications to students. Universities and other institutions that have the power to award UK degrees are known by the UK government as ‘recognized bodies’ and they are approved by Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) UK.

I am about to complete my programme of study, what certification will I receive?

You will receive a combination of the items detailed below after the successful completion of your programme subject to satisfying the passing criteria of your study programme.

  • Award Certificate – one pager usually bearing the awarding body’s seal.
  • Award Transcript – can be multiple pages depending upon your credit hours and the duration you took to complete the programme.

When will I receive my exit award?

The production and delivery of exit awards vary for all the different qualifications that we offer at TMUC. Usually, it will take between 2 to 3 months* after your final examinations and/or your final external board of studies for the awards to be delivered to TMUC subject to your successfully passing the programme. Please note that any unusual circumstance such as force majeure may further delay the delivery of exit awards.

*If you are a Pearson Higher National (HND) or University of London (UoL) student, please refer your programme specific information provided in the section. 

I am a Pearson Higher National (HND) graduate, when will I receive my exit award?

Pearson Higher National (HND) is a two-year full-time study programme for the completion of all your academic deliverables but excluding the administrative time for the processing of your exit award for delivery to TMUC. Hence, the total time from the date of your registration with Pearson until the receipt of your final exit award is approximately 2 years and 6 months subject to successful completion of below conditions;

The exit awards of Pearsons Higher Nationals for all programme specialties (i.e., Business, Fashion textiles, Art and Design, Creative Media Production, Hospitality Management, Computing and Construction & Built Environment) depends largely on the external verification (EV) process of your specific programme.  It is very important here to note that you will be included in the external verification process only and only if;

  1. You have submitted your Edexcel Registration fee in GBP before the advised cutoff date for your session.
  2. You have submitted all your assignments on or before the advised cut off dates as advised by your department
  3. You have not requested an internal transfer to change your center

Please note that in cases where you fail to satisfy any of the conditions stated above, your exit award will get deferred to next external verification process subject to satisfactory fulfillment of all the above conditions.

After the successful completion of your external verification process and claiming of your award by the respective department, please allow 6 months for the processing of results, production of your awards by Person and subsequent delivery to TMUC.

Please also note that you are only registered with Pearson as student once you pay your GBP payment regardless of your initial registration and studies with TMUC and as such the Total Qualification Time (TQT) shall deem to have initiated from the date of your registration with Pearson.   

I am a University of London (UoL) International Programmes student, when will I receive my exit award?

The University of London’s Diploma Production Office dispatches the final exit awards including transcripts after 6 months from the date of the award approximately. Please note that while TMUC is a recognized teaching center for University of London qualifications, we cannot inquire about any pertinent delays in the dispatch of your degrees/transcripts in line with the UK and EU’s data protection legislation. Therefore, any inquiry regarding the graduation documentation should be made by the student himself/herself by providing below information on the following contact details;

  • Full name (at time of graduation)
  • College attended or indicate if you were studying under the University of London distance learning
  • Date of award
  • Title and subject of qualification
  • Qualification level and classification
  • Date of birth


Diploma Production Office

University of London (Worldwide)

Stewart House, 32 Russell Square, London, WC1B 5DN


Tel +44 (0) 207 862 8303

Fax +44 (0) 207 862 8287

I am a University of London (UoL) International Programmes student, how can I receive certified copies of certificates?

You can request University of London’s Transcripts Office for certified copies of your certificates directly. Please refer below link for further details;

I am a University of London (UoL) International Programmes student, how can I get further information regarding my transcripts?

You can get detailed information regarding requesting your transcripts for the link below;

I am a University of London (UoL) International Programmes student and I want Official Letter of Certification to confirm my award for visa/employment purposes?

I am a University of London (UoL) International Programmes student and I want official Confirmation of Award Letter sent to third party?

Where can I collect my exit award?

The exit awards for all the programmes are delivered to TMUC Registry Office unless otherwise stated by the student for direct delivery to student’s personal address (applicable for University of London qualifications only). The students can collect their exit awards from the Head of Institution’s office in their respective campuses after successfully completion the degree clearance process. 

I have outstanding financial obligations with TMUC, can I still request my exit award?

Where our records show a balance of tuition fees is still payable to TMUC, according to TMUC Payment Policy, whilst any such fees remain outstanding, you are not eligible to receive an award certificate or transcript in either hard or soft form. If you are advised to contact FBRR department of your respective campus in such a case and clear all your outstanding dues as soon as possible to receive your exit award (subject to all other department clearances being completed as well).

How can I complete my degree clearance process for receiving my exit award?

The graduating students can collect the ‘Learner Clearance Form’ from their respective FBRR offices at their campuses and will need to submit the dully completed clearance forms along with the copy of their CNIC/Govt. Issued Identification to their respective department. These clearance forms are sent to TMUC Registry Office by the campuses and upon verifying the records, the received exit awards are dispatched to campuses for further handover to the student. Please allow 7 working days for this standard process to get completed and collect your exit award(s).

Can I request scanned copies of my transcript or award certificate electronically?

Scanned copies of your transcripts and award certificates can be emailed to you subject to submission of your dully completed Learner Clearance Form to Registry Office along with copy of your scanned government issued ID. If you are unable to come to TMUC for processing your degree clearance form, you can request someone from your immediate family member to visit TMUC for the same.

Can I request that my exit award be expedited?

Unfortunately, No. The exit awards and produced and couriered internationally to partners at set timelines by your awarding institution and as such we cannot expedite the process for TMUC only. Please allow a minimum of 2 – 3 months for the receipt of your final exit awards after successful completion of your programme of study.  

I am unable to come to campus to collect my exit award, can it be couriered to my address? I am a parent and need to request a transcript: Can I do this?

In instances where you are unable to come to the campus to collect your exit award, you can authorize someone from your immediate family to collect the award on your behalf. please write an email to explaining the reason why you are unable to come to the campus (health problems, out of city/country etc) and depending on your specific case, you will receive a set of instructions/procedure to authorize our family members to collect the award on your behalf. 

I have completed my programme of study at TMUC but I am not sure who to contact for my exit award?

If you have completed your programme of study at TMUC and your external examiner’s board has been done, please allow 2 to 3 months for the receipt of your exit award and keep in touch with your department. However, If you have waited 2 to 3 months and still you have not received your award or you are not sure who to inquire further, please contact Registry Office at providing your full name, student ID, programme of study, graduation date with year and campus name where you have been studying the programme.    

Can I get internal transcript for the coursework that I have completed thus far?

Yes, you can get internal transcripts for the coursework that has been accessed either in your annual examination system or through external board of studies. For example, in case of Level 4 and Level 5 qualifications from the University for the Creative Arts, you can request internal transcript after your annual board of examination is released. Please write to Registry Office at to request your internal transcript providing your full name, student ID, programme of study, last exam taken with year and campus name where you have been studying the programme.   

What should I do if the transcript is incorrect?

Please contact the Registry Office at attaching clear scanned copies of your transcript and advise clearly what appears to be incorrect on your transcript. We will investigate the errors (if any) with the awarding body and request to issue a new transcript (if the case maybe). We will do our best to get a new copy out to you as soon as possible in such cases.

What should I do if I have just re-sat an exam and have different marks?

If you take a re-sit during the supplementary exam period, your transcript with the revised marks will be sent along with your final exit award from the awarding institution. You will be notified about the receipt of your transcript by your department when it is delivered to TMUC.

Can I change the name on my exit award certificate?

The name printed on your degree certificate must match the official record held by TMUC on the student record system. It is your responsibility to ensure the name on your record is correct.

If your name is incorrect and your award is yet to be conferred at an exam board please go to Registry Office who will advise on how to amend this. Please note that it is not possible to amend your name once your award has been conferred at an exam board.

Where can I get further information related to exit awards?

For information relating to degree certificates or transcripts, please email

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