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TMUC is Top international University in Pakistan and committed to the pursuit of excellence and welcomes applicants who share the same goal. We are proud to have a student body of varied backgrounds and invite students who can demonstrate intellectual capacity in their respective disciplines.
We admit students throughout the year. However, we are open for admissions right after the May A level and local exams for our undergrad qualifications. Please check our Academic Calendar for a detailed schedule and visit or write to us for more information.
As for individual programs, please refer to the Programmes page for more details.

Undergraduate Programs

To be eligible for admission to the undergraduate programs, a candidate must satisfy any one of the following requirements

  • FA / F.Sc with at least 2nd division (i.e. 495 marks)
  • O-levels (in at least 5 subjects) and 2 A-levels.
  • High School Diploma and International Baccalaureate (IB) result with at least 2.5 CGPA and equivalence certificate from IBCC (if you do not meet this requirement meet the admissions officer for individual programs)
  • If you do not meet the entrance requirement of a course or programme you can always choose a foundation or a diploma route. Kindly contact the admissions officer for your pathway.

Students awaiting their FA/ F.Sc/A-Level results may apply for admission at TMUC. Selected candidates will be granted a provisional admission only, which may be regularized after they have been declared successful and meet the admission requirements of the university.
For vocational (HND) and professional qualifications admission criteria is different hence meet your admission advisor for further details.
TMUC admission criteria for an undergraduate level would be as follows:

  • Students terminated from one institute on the basis of poor academic performance or on disciplinary ground will not be eligible to seek admission to any other school of TMUC.
  • Similarly, cases of admission of students, rejected by one institute, into another institute will require the approval of the Vice Chancellor/Dean.

Admissions Policy

The admission to the Bachelor Programmes of the University College is decided on the basis of the candidate’s earlier educational achievements and his score in the admission test          ( where required), which comprises of an English Placement exam & where applicable a basic Mathematics test. There are no special quotas, reserved seats, or admission by donations. Nor is there any arbitrary age limit for the applicants. In fact, the TMUC Universal College is open to all persons of either sex and of any religion, color, creed, class, or domicile who are academically qualified for admission to the courses of study offered by TMUC, and no such person shall be denied the privileges of the Institute on the grounds of sex, religion, color, creed, race, class or domicile.”

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