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Student Code of Conduct BT01

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    Government Issued ID Passport/CNIC/FRC/B-Form

Student Code of Conduct BT02

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    All details entered in this form are ‘true and fair’ and I take responsibility for any mistake/ error that might arise in Exit Award. I will be held liable for any correction fees in Exit Award due to incorrect data entered into this form.
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Student Code of Conduct BT04

  • Learner Appeal: Submissions Grading Stage 1

  • I hereby solemnly undertake to abide by the following rules and regulations:
    1. All assessors are to complete one academic session and NOT leave without completing the course and assessment duties, however, in cases of serious personal nature one-month notice must be given or until a replacement (substitute) is nominated.
    2. Assessors shall be required to complete academic review of each student after completion of each Learning Outcome, with assistance and presence of Programme Nominee and QA.
    3. Assessors shall participate in faculty review before start of academic session. This review includes discussion on result analysis of the completed semester.
    4. Assessors shall be required to participate in all academic meetings arranged by the QAD and International office. This includes meeting with regulators and academic partners.
    5. Assessors shall be required to participate in industry engagement events organized by the department.
    6. The assessor is to ensure a complete attendance record, and provide daily and weekly feedback of chronic cases to the Head of department and the Academic Coordinators
    7. Faculty Attendance should be marked in the attendance register at the time of arrival at the Nominated office or electronically through face detection/ biometrics.
    8. We would want you to adhere to the numbers of hours allowed. These credit hours are subject to course completion.
    9. Each Unit Consist: 15 Credit Hours Each Credit Hour: 10 Learning Hours
    10. TQT for Each Unit is: 150 Hours GLH for Each Unit is: 40-60 Hours
    11. (Delivery Hours per Unit per Semester; Programme dependent)
    12. All communication with students in cases of a class rescheduling, or late arrival, kindly inform the Programme Nominee and avoid contacting the students directly, also communicating at the 11th hour should be highly avoided. In the case of long leave, contact your HoD and ll out relevant form. Any two (2) late arrival will result in one-hour pay deduction for that week.
    13. For any extra class requirement, inform the Academic Coordinator at least one week in advance. (approval from HOD and Dean will be sought)
    14. Any communication with the students is only permissible through the administration created mediums, it is NOT allowed for the faculty to communicate with TMUC students otherwise whatsoever. Any claim for unapproved extra classes or session will not be considered and no payments will be issued for such activities.
    15. We expect that being part of the professional TMUC teaching fraternity, you will NOT discuss internal matters with other schools, colleges, and will NOT be found talking to students about matters of the administration.
    16. All faculty members must email a written evaluation/ feedback every 1st of Month to the HoD, copying Dean, HOI & QAD. Evaluation must include your concerns, struggling students' feedback, attendance issues etc. Strategies for improvement should also be included.
    17. You are hereby advised to ensure that your personal attendance as well as students' attendance are marked by yourself on every lecture day (manually/ electronically).
    18. Student attendance is mandatory to be marked on lecture day duly signed by yourself (Entered by yourself in-case of VLE) and programme coordinator/manager. Likewise, it is mandatory for you to log your check-in and check-out timings along with your signatures on regular basis, as your hourly claims (where applicable) would be processed according to the attendance record available in the attendance register.
    19. TMUC has implemented online student attendance using VLE and hence it will be the faculty's responsibility to duly mark student attendance promptly on this online system(s) and in manual attendance register as well (as a back-up). System credentials will be shared by the department. All faculty members are required to upload their lectures, resource and any assessment activities onto the VLE. All grading and assessment must be done through VLE along with feedbacks.
    20. Faculty should encourage learners to access student feedback links/ codes posted on placeholders/noticeboards.

Student Code of Conduct BT10

  • Learner Request: Course add/drop form

  • Purpose of this form: This form is to be used by students who seek to add or drop and withdrawal course(s) during add/drop withdrawal period.

  • Purpose of this form: This form is to be used by students who seek to add or drop and withdrawal course(s) during add/drop withdrawal period.

  • *NOTE: These changes are not official until all steps are completed, including payment of any charges that are due.
  • Course NameCourse IDCourse IntructorReason 
  • Course NameCourse IDCourse IntructorReason 

Student Code of Conduct BT11

  • Learner Request: Certificate/Diploma Extension BT-11

  • *NOTE: These changes are not official until all steps are completed, including payment of any charges that are due.
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