Covid-19 Updates and Advice

Welcome back Millennials!

This is to inform that as per government and NCOC notification TMUC will be opening its campuses following all COVID-19 SoPs. Learning mode from June 7th 2021 will be moved to campuses however for class schedules, assessments queries or any other academic concerns please contact your campus program staff.

Sleeve up mask off!

Dear Millennials, The Government of Pakistan has announces vaccination for everyone above 18. Please register yourself as soon as possible by sending your CNIC number to 1166. You may get a bona-fide letter from your campus manager and walk-in to any vaccination centre to get facilitated.

Your well-being is our priority, we expect our students to be vaccinated before the commencement of face-to-face classes

For details please contact or call Department of Student Affairs.

Rejoining Undertaking(regulatory requirement)

As per HEC guidelines, all students re-joining College must fill the Health Declaration and pledge to Rejoining SOPs.
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Admission and Fee

Admissions will remain open and you can reach the Admission Office via our contact form shared below or by phone call. You can reach us by calling +92 3425067818 at the following time:

Monday to Friday: from 08:00 am to 4:30 pm

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What Is A Coronavirus?

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses responsible for causing illness ranging from common cold to more severe diseases like MERS-CoV and SARS-CoV.
The most recently discovered coronavirus causes coronavirus disease COVID-19. This is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans and does not currently have vaccine or known treatment.

Helpful Links

Some key reference links for more information are awareness are given below:

Frequently Asked Questions?

Browse through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to find the answers to common queries. For more details, visit:

Contact Form

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  • Max. file size: 1 GB.
    Government Issued ID Passport/CNIC/FRC/B-Form
  • Parent / Learner Health Declaration Form and Learner Covid-19 Pledge
    • I am/ My child is wilfully attending college and is not being forced to attend face-to-face learning activities
    • To the best of my knowledge I state that I/my child is not suffering from COVID-19. I do not/ My child does not carry any symptoms and has also not been in direct contact with anyone who was unwell or conrmed Corona patient in the past 14 days
    • I understand that the College is being disinfected regularly and takes necessary safety precautions and applies safety protocols as per government directives. In case my child contracts the virus, I will not hold the College responsible.
    • I undertake to notify the College within 24 hours if I/ my child develops COVID-19 symptoms.
    • I will ensure that I/my child follow(s) all the SOPs of COVID-19, and will abide by the Learner's Pledge.
    • I/My child will have the list of important numbers provided in the “TMUC Campus Reopening and Safety Plan” placed on TMUC Website.
    • I/My child has read the TMUC Campus Reopening Plan placed on TMUC website and understand that the document is subject to updates and periodic revision as per instructions the government/relevant authorities
    • I/My child understands that provision of falsied information will lead to strict disciplinary measures.

Date: 22nd March 2020

Online Fee Payment: In lieu of the current situation your fee bills with revised due dates have been shated via email. You are advised to pay your fee within the due date to avoid any interruption in availing online classes. Disregard this message if you have paid your dues already.

Payment methods.

  1. Payment can be made directly in bank against fee bill.
  2. Payment can be transfered to TMUC account through ATM.
  3. Fee can be transfer through Internet banking to TMUC account.

NOTE: Share your paid receipt with your name, department at

City Wise Details of Bank Accounts


Bank name: Sunmit
Account title: TMUC Pvt Ltd
Account number: 01-04-19-20311-714-119392
Department of Fee Billing: 0313-9913849


Account Title: Roots Millennium Schools Pvt Ltd
Account Number: 01-03-08-20311-714-125431
Department of Fee Billing:  0323 5141238


Bank name: JS
Account title: Roots Millennium Schools, Account number: 1284611
Department of Fee Billing: 0321-7276800


Bank: Summit
Account title: TMUC Pvt Ltd
Account number 01-04-19-20311-714-119392
NOTE: kindly share your paid receipt with your full name department @
Department of Fee Billing: 03006822100


Bank name: Summit
Account title: TMUC Pvt Ltd
Account number 01-04-19-20311-714-119392
Department of Fee Billing: 92 334 2665532