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I enjoyed working with a wide array of professionals in the TNE realm of higher education delivery and quality assurance. The zest for empowering students at a global scale via the superior academic content, imbibing critical thinking and professionalism in presentation of learnt materials, is what I experienced the most from the very beginning.

I’m the Head of Institution, TMUC, Karachi, and it is my responsibility to ensure a nurturing and cutting edge academic environment for all of the students here in various programs. Not only is it incumbent in my work priorities to look after the scholarship and academics of each student, but to promote values consistent with the vision and mission of TMUC; building and fostering a wholesome personality, a global citizen full of dynamism and yearning to deliver their personal best, whichever domain of education they choose.

My vision for our students is to have responsible global citizenship in demeanor and action; zeal for discovery through scholarship and inculcation of acceptance, dialogue, service, dignity and care for environment.

Dr. Ameer Haider

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I take pride to be associated with the most progressive educational institution, The Millennium Universal college Islamabad. TMUC Islamabad is Pakistan’s best purpose built campus offering borderless education.
I have been working with Millennium Education since 2011, It’s been a successful journey of passion and accomplishments. My primary role as Head of Institution is to provide strong academic leadership, empower faculty members in order to deliver the agreed policies and procedures.

At TMUC, I ensure the highest levels of quality, integrity and ethics in staff, students and their work.
I develop and design robust mechanism to enhance students’ portfolio, fair and quality assessment policies, provision of reliable and timely information to students related to learning and teaching. Continuous professional development, working in collaboration with International partners, mentoring students and facilitating them on priority are the main focus agendas as well.

My vision is to contribute to TMUC’s strategic priorities, outstanding academic provision, productive student engagement and drive up the levels of performance in an outstanding transnational educational institution.

Amber Naveed

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Fortified with firm resolve we-as a team are embarked upon addressing the challenges through innovative ideas, creative energy, high morale/spirits and above all open, supportive and constructive feedback from our pillar of strength that is parents and peers.

Owing to dedication, dynamism and unflinching resolve of our CEO to offer quality programs and qualifications which are globally accepted the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, has spell of time. Incorporated supporting work environment treated the faculty & students of TMUC with respect, fairness, honesty and patience. Balancing the workplace requirements and celebrating contributions of faculty/ staff & accomplishments of our students and fostering diversity and inclusivity that lead to increased understanding of cultural virtues & community behavior.

Shabana Jaspal  

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We at TMUC Lahore provide innovative and borderless higher education by offering a range of international qualifications and are committed to providing opportunities that exceed local stream of education to the youth of Pakistan. My vision at TMUC is to strive towards excellence, not only in an academic direction, but also in the holistic development of our students, equipping them with all the necessary skills required for future success. It is my goal to continue the longstanding tradition of partnering with families to provide positive learning experiences that lead to student growth and prosperity.

Each day brings new opportunities, and I continually use reflection and evidence-based decision making to foster continuous improvement in my students. I also believe in infusing students with a strong sense of pride, demonstrating personal responsibility, respect, integrity, determination, confidence and enthusiasm that would last with them both during and after their academic life span.

Anab Arshad

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