Scholarship Application Form

TMUC is committed to its founding objective that no one should be denied access to inclusive higher education in Pakistan, and this includes making possible equal opportunities for higher education for talented students nationwide. The objective of this policy and procedure document is to provide details of how TMUC manages the selection and bestowal process for Scholarships.

If a student wishes to apply for Merit / Talent / Need based Scholarship, the student must ll an application form annexed to this policy. The application form including all the supporting documentation is required to be submitted to relevant campus admission staff via email or through website.

Types of Scholarships (Applicable on TMUC Tuition Fee Only)

TMUC will be offering the following scholarship for academic year 2023-2024 to the students, applicable for TMUC Tuition Fee only.

  • Merit Based Scholarship
  • Talent Based Scholarship
  • Need Based Scholarship

Merit Based Scholarship

To earn a Merit Based Scholarship an applicant should meet TMUC Merit Based Scholarship eligibility criteria. The merit-based scholarship will be given on the basis of outstanding results or distinguished academic achievement as per the criteria below in National & International Examinations of A Levels/ IGCSE Level / International Baccalaureate IB / American Advanced Placement / SSC and HSSC/ FSc.

Talend Based Scholarship

The Talent Based scholarships will be awarded based on outstanding achievement in extracurricular and talent based activities at National or International Level. In some cases, the scholarships can be awarded on special achievements at the Inter-Schools/College/University level and the decision shall be taken by the scholarship committee as per the talent-based scholarship policy. The talents include sports, music, arts,
literature, gaming and entrepreneurship etc.

Requirements for Talent Based Scholarship

  • To apply for Talent Based Scholarship you will be required to submit certicate of achievement and recognition duly signed and endorsed by the concerned district/provincial/National/International Authority. The certicates must have a date, reference and stamp and should be duly certied.
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae (CV) including a comprehensive summary of educational background, work experience, extracurricular activities, talent based, volunteer work, community service, and any other relevant achievements or involvement should be submitted to the admissions office.

Need Based Scholarship

The need-based scholarships place much less emphasis on the applicant’s prior performances, talents, achievements, and takes into consideration their nancial needs in order to manage the university and higher education. The precise amount of such scholarships is not xed and varies from student to student, depending on the nancial eligibility, within the quota limit of the institution.

Requirement for Need Based Scholarship

Evidence regarding income of earning member of the family must include latest salary slip for salaried individual (Father/Mother/Guardian), pension books for retired persons, FBR returns, NTN certcate, income affidavit for self-employed or businessperson and a certicate / other proof in case of any other income. Other documents may be requested including bank statements, utility bills for last three months including electricity/ gas/ telephone/ water.

1Personal Information

Providing False Information

Providing false information may result in one or all of the following:

  • Cancellation of admission.
  • Rustication from the university.
  • Disqualication for award of any future loan/scholarship.
  • Refund of all the payment received and or a penalty equal to total scholarship amount

Instructions for Submission of Scholarship Application Form

Please follow these instructions carefully:

  • Fill the form in BLOCK LETTERS
  • Fill in the form using a black/blue pen
  • Write your name and date of birth on the back of each photograph
  • Fill the form completely. Incomplete forms will not be processed
  • Submit all the required supporting documents with your application form. Applications without complete documents will not be processed. No further reminder will be given to you
  • The application form, along with all the required supporting documents, should reach the TMUC Admissions Office before the commencement of the programme of your choice in the year of application
  • Selection decisions will be communicated within a week of submitting the application
  • Need based scholarships and talent based scholarships approval should be given by joint committee comprising of Dean TMUC, Director Quality Assurance, Head of MARCOMS, Senior Manager Finance