TMUC National Outreach Scholarship Policy

TMUC recognizes students at all levels of their educational journey. TMUC National Outreach Scholarship Policy 2023- 2024 aims to support deserving students and provide a holistic educational experience by acknowledging merit, need and talent. The main purpose is to extend the benets of world class education to talented students all over the Pakistan. TMUC NOP Scholarship focuses on identifying bright students with exceptional results and backgrounds and inducting them into TMUC Undergraduate Programmes. TMUC National Scholarship policy covers TMUC Tuition Fee only for Pakistani Nationals with Domicile and who wish to pursue an internationally recognized transnational undergraduate degree at TMUC campuses nationwide.

This scholarship will allow students with diverse background to apply for the programmes with the following 3 year Undergraduate Degrees.

University of London

  • BSc Accounting & Finance LSE
  • BSc Business & Management LSE
  • BSc Economics & Management LSE
  • BSc Politics & International Relations LSE
  • BSc Business Administration Royal Holloway
  • UoL-LLB

University of Hertfordshire

  • BS (Hons) Computer Sciences
  • BA (Hons)
  • Business Administration
  • MA Education (2 Years)
  • UH Laws

University for the Creative Arts

  • BA (Hons)
  • Fashion Textile
  • BA (Hons)
  • Film & Digital Art

Eligibility Criteria

A student can apply if he/she meets the criteria of merit, talent and the required nancial need. The following
eligibility criteria must be fullled simultaneously.

  • At least 90% marks in Matric/Intermediate or equivalent in O-Levels/A-levels (Certied copies of the academic transcripts of A-Level and O Level or their equivalents, Intermediate & Matric Certicates & Transcripts are required).
  • Students should have exemplary performance in extra-curricular activities at International, National and Provincial level. In some cases the scholarships can be given to district level participation as well depending upon certication and level of achievements.
  • The scholarship is for all the brilliant students who have achieved excellence in their academics or otherwise but cannot afford the TMUC Tuition fee only.
  • Financial need must be supported by documents including parents / guardians’ gross income tax return, NTN, Number of people (earning hands & dependents) in the household.
  • Must be a Pakistani Domicile Citizen.
  • Student from all across Pakistan including Sindh, Punjab, Gilgit Baltistan, KPK, Azad Kashmir and Balochistan (Certied copy of Birth Certicate and CNIC is required). Selections for interviews are competitively based on a candidate’s high school academic record ( A levels, FSc, IB results), a personal statement and nancial need records.

The students selected on the above criteria are admitted on full scholarship (100%) for TMUC tuition fee only. The students selected on the above criteria are admitted on full scholarship (100%) for the TMUC tuition fee only. The scholarship is not applicable to the International Partner University registration fee, partner examination fee, British Council fees, English prociency Test fee, or any other form of fee besides the TMUC tuition fee.

How to Apply

Students who meet the eligibility criteria can apply through the following process

Deadline for Application: 20th August 2023
Announcement of Short-listed Candidates: 30th August 2023
Final Announcement of Students: 10th September 2023

Terms & Conditions:

  • The recipients of all scholarships shall adhere to all TMUC/ HEC/ HEI rules, policies and procedures. The university withholds the right to revoke any of the scholarships in case of breach of any disciplinary rules and regulations.
  • Scholarships are awarded in the form of TMUC tuition fee waiver only, they are not applicable on tuition fee of International Partner registration fee, examination fee, British Council fee, English prociency Test fee, or any other form of fee besides the TMUC tuition fee.
  • The Scholarship will be awarded only within normal degree duration and is not applicable on extra semester(s) for whatsoever reasons.
  • The University, vide its discretionary power, has the authority to change the denition or percentage of any Scholarship, with the approval of the Academic Council, and it shall be binding on all awardees.
  • No Scholarship is applicable on a repeat course or a course registered for improvement.
  • In case the Scholarship Awardee fails to get promoted to the next academic year, as per TMUC or HEI’s promotion policy, his /her scholarship will be stopped until such time that his/her performance reaches to the minimum level needed for promotion to the next semester.
    Ÿ TMUC will not be responsible for HEC Equivalency of the undergraduate degree